135 years collective experience in the construction and swimming pool industry

Indoor Lined

We work closely with industry-leading suppliers of Pool Liners to ensure our liners look great, fit perfectly and last the test of time.

Mostly patterned with an ‘All Mosaic’ design, liners are a cheaper alternative to tiled pools. In most pools, liners fool most people, who assume the pool is tiled anyway. Available in a large selection of patterns there is a design of liner for even the most adventurous. As standard we will fit liners of all thickness, although thicker liners are increasingly used to prolong the liners life expectancy.

The liners we use for domestic pools are fully guaranteed against material and manufacturing defects for five years when used in pools running at temperatures of up to 30° C with chemical and dissolved solid levels within SPATA standards.

Indoor Tiled

A pool finished with a tiled surface is often regarded as the ultimate in luxury and it has to be said does look amazing. Our professional in house tillers will ensure your pool has the perfect finish. Because all our pools are made with precession and to exact specifications, you will see, under close inspection that tiles are straight, parallel and laid with care.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality and as such we only use glass-ceramic tiles in our pools. Available in a vast array of colours, textures and sizes, your pool can be the popular light blue finish with dark blue tiles used to extenuate features such as a tile band, edgings of steps or even a motif.

Rest assured, we are happy to help with suggestions, or even able to accommodate specific requests of manufacture’s designs. In most cases, we will even be able to show you what specific tiles will look like it a completed pool locally.

Talk to one of our team about your dream pool.